Professional Career Development

It is our firm belief that one of the most beneficial investments we can make is in the professional capabilities of our associates. Our professional development program is a multi-dimensional approach to foster the continued growth of our associates as professionals, business people, and individuals.

While most associates join the firm with significant business experience and professional education, we believe the key to your success is continued learning. Our program is designed to deliver the necessary planning ability, technical knowledge and practice management skills appropriate to your experience level.

The components of our development program include:

Initial Orientation 
All associates participate in an intensive one and a half week training program. The agenda includes an introduction to product knowledge, practice management skills, consultative communication skills.

Weekly Skill and Knowledge Development
Associates will participate in one two hour class and one sixty-minute class that teaches the practical application of product knowledge, planning concepts and marketing techniques. This class is highly interactive in nature and is designed to enhance our new associates’ core competencies and results.

Associates will schedule a meeting every weekday morning for 15 to 20 minutes with their sales manager. Reporting is done by you, the new rep. Advice, assistance, encouragement and focused attention are provided to you every working day from your direct supervisor. Provides an invaluable opportunity to meet with him or her every day for your first 6 months.

Individual Coaching
Our associates receive individual coaching from a member of the management staff, on a regular basis. Meetings are held weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the associate’s experience in the industry and time with the firm.

Client Builder Study Group

A monthly study group dedicated to the review of individual business productivity and improvement in the critical areas of marketing, client development and practice management. This program utilizes a “board of directors” approach, grouping participants by business experience and productivity.

Planned Financial Strategies Training
We provide 4 levels of Training: 1) Fundamentals - provides you with a basic understanding of concepts; 2) Software Training - provides you with an interactive software training; 3) Case Study Group – a weekly meeting that focuses on client cases and is moderated by Top Producers; 4) Advanced Training - offered to MDRT Licensed producers, and moderated by Top of Table producers.

Mentorship and Team Based Selling
A thorough discussion of this is found in the Firm Marketing Culture. It is referenced here, as we believe this is an essential element of our associates’ growth. New associates benefit from the experience of our senior associates and the seniors typically find a whole new level of energy and excitement is brought to their practice.

Alliances and Specialists
At The Woody Financial Group, we take a collaborative approach towards managing our clients’ financial world. We have formed powerful alliances with other advisors and have developed in-house specialists in various areas of the financial services arena.

Business Resource Center (BRC) – an organization which provides quality case design services for Employee and Executive Benefits, Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning and Qualified Plans.

Park Avenue Securities® - a subsidiary of Guardian, offers a full range of investment products and services to craft strategies tailored to your clients’ needs.

Innovative Underwriters– a subsidiary of Guardian, offers life, disability and long term care in which they are a brokerage house for Guardian

Berkshire Life Insurance Company – a wholly owned stock subsidiary of Guardian, that provides Disability services and products.

The Woody Financial Group- In-House Specialist
Disability Income Specialist – provides comprehensive disability income support, including illustration design, presentation assistance and underwriting expertise.

Life Brokerage Specialist -- provides comprehensive life insurance support, including illustration design and underwriting expertise.